Marriage and Wife Essays

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Picture this an alarm clock going off with the sound of a rooster’s crow. You get up and do your morning routines. You smell your lunch being made for work by your wife in the kitchen. You walk in and give her the everyday good morning kiss. You tell her have a good day I will be home at 6 in the evening. You pass your children’s bedroom throw them a kiss and walk out the front door. Then you’re off to work. Your day goes fast because you are so use to it. Your wife is at home doing her job as being a house wife because that is how it is in the 40’s. When you get home, dinner is made and your family is waiting for you to eat dinner as a family. The house is clean. After dinner the kids go to wash up for bed and your wife and you finally have some privacy to end your night together. You’re a father of 3 children. You hardly spend any time with them besides the weekends. When the weekends do come you usually take your family out fishing or on a picnic. You as a father and husband love your family. You know the percentage of married people that reach their 50th anniversary is only 5% and the ones that reach up to only their 5th anniversary is 82%. Which one will you be is what you ask yourself? Back in the 40’s WW11 came and off to war you went. This lead a great shortage of employees in the workforce. This was the first time women got to actually work. So your wife really took advantage of this opportunity. Women began to work in factories for munitions and parachutes. When the war was over the government basically told women go back home and do their jobs as being a mommy. From here on, women already knew they could be more than a ordinary house wife or a secretary. Women started fighting for better rights in the workforce. Your wife was really disappointed that you did not want her to continue working. During the 50’s women were able to attend college. So they started having better jobs as nurses and teachers. Your wife continued on about letting her have a job. Then she brought up about going off to school to study being a nurse. But yet you still refused. Later on she tells you she wants a divorce. Since things started to get better for women all they thought about was themselves. They stop worrying about their children, husbands and even house duties. You knew that you were not the only couple going through a divorce. She was leaving you the children while she went off to study in college. You had no choice because you had a decent job and was able to support them. It seem like money was all that women began to think about.