Marriage: Divorce and Short-term Renewable Marriages Essay

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It’s a Commitment
The institution of marriage has faded away from the ease with which people obtain divorces; therefore, legislation to create laws that make divorce more difficult to obtain are necessary. In general, making divorce harder will decrease poverty in the early initiation of children into adulthood, decrease divorce rate in the U.S. and risk their own health.
Children are vulnerable. They are minors. They are dependent on an adult. Adults are supposed to be the responsible ones. Parents dealing with a divorce want to protect their children from the same stress and anguish they feel. But avoiding the issue only adds to the stress. Children fear that if they have lost one parent, they may lose the other. They may blame themselves, feel unlovable or not feel safe. They worry about who will take care of them and even who will pick them up from school. Even children whose parents are not divorcing may hear friends talk about divorce and create confusion and fear for themselves.
The last forty years of high divorce rates has forced us, individually and culturally, to rethink divorce and the reasons for getting married in the first place. Why make the same mistakes as our parents? Why not just cohabitate? Why not mimic the '90s sitcom Friends? That is, live with your pals well into your 30s and just date around? Talk about contract marriages, or short-term renewable marriages are what the United States has come to consider.
There is no doubt that considering ending a marriage is a decision that should be thought about twice. It is important to remember that