Essay on Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality
Tiffany Harris
April 3, 2013
Latashia Bates

Marriage Equality
The upcoming decisions on Marriage Equality by the Supreme Court for same sex couples. Should marriage still be considered a religious arrangement or is it seen as just a civil union between to people? In the recent weeks TV and social media have been abuzz over the debate both sides fighting for what each believes is right. I believe that it should be every Americans right to have the opportunity to marry, thru civil channels ,such as the courts regardless of gender. If you go with what the bible says that marriage is between man and woman then you would also have to go with marriage is for procreation then men and women who cannot or choose not to have children should be allowed to marry. I am not denying the religious aspects of marriage however times and people have changed. More couples are choosing to down alternate routes when it comes to marriage. People who chose not to believe in religion still get marriage licenses and bind themselves legally to the person of their choosing. So to deny a certain segments of the population the same rights given to all Americans seems very wrong.
It was not that long ago that interracial marriages were illegal and that had nothing to do with what’s in the Bible it was solely based on the color of someone skin. Some would say how can you compare same sex marriage to interracial marriage, I say it is easy this is not about religion it is about the rights that every American should have. I do not think it is fair to hide behind marriage as a religious act between just a man and woman. It all comes down to this you do not have to go to a church to get permission to marry nor do you need to have a ceremony to be married. You do not have to speak to the church to have the marriage dissolved you request a petition through the courts. It has become more a civil union of two people, binding yourself legally to another person more so that a religious act.
There are many arguments against same sex marriages, some that have been at the heart of the debate others that just do not seem to make much sense. I guess one of the biggest arguments is, it is better for children to have a mother and father not two mothers or two fathers. Another on would be legalizing same sex marriage could lead to the legalization of polygamy however studies have shown when men take multiple wives and leave other men without an opportunity to