Marriage Equality, a Basic Human Right Essay

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Oualid Jniyah
ENC 091
December 5, 2014 Marriage Equality

Too many people argue that same sex marriage should not be legalized because it offends religions (Christianity), it turns a Moral Wrong into a Civil Right, and it violates the natural law, even some politicians have always opposed same-sex marriage, according to Senator Michele Bachmann, on the gay community and same-sex marriage, “This is a very serious matter, because it is our children who are the prize for this community. They are specifically targeting our children.” These unfounded allegations that rest on a basis of hate, homophobia could never convince me neither help me understand why same-sex marriage couldn’t be legalized. In fact it should not be just one civil marriage license for all citizens, it should include separate categories for heterosexual and for same-sex couples because of religious freedom, justice, and equality.

First of all, same-sex marriage should not be banded to any religion. Most of the Christians believe marriage is defined by God and recognized by the government. But in reality marriage is defined by the government and must be recognized by all. Living in an interfaith community built on Pluralism that not only help us fight for a Future of Religious Liberty or understand the principle behind tolerating others who have different religious beliefs, but also teach us how to respect others and their beliefs such the right to marry whoever you love. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution separates church from the state, and also prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. If the constitution is separating churches from the states then no court should have the legal right to ban same-sex marriage because it offends god or it’s prohibited in a certain religion-that already been separated from the state.
Secondly, justice can only be served when civil marriage rights are obtained by everybody.
Marriage confers a wide range of benefits to couples, including property rights and other legal rights related to taxes, social security benefits, estate planning and rights of joint parenting and adoption. It also formally signifies a couple's commitment to one another and often to raising children. Therefore, civil marriage should be equally available to all citizens of the United States, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation as well. Because, banning the same-sex marriage is a discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. In reality, banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional as a federal judge in Texas reply, “After careful consideration, and applying the law as it must, this Court holds that Texas’ prohibition on same-sex marriage conflicts with the United States Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection and due process. Texas’ current marriage laws deny homosexual couples the right to marry, and in doing so, demean their dignity for no legitimate reason. Accordingly,