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According to Dr. Omar Afzal “Children who live in a two-parent, married household enjoy better emotional and physical health, on average, then children in non-married households.” (11)
A married couple is a couple who agreed to spend the rest of their life with another person weather they stay with them or not. A women is the most beneficial ingredient to a mans life. In the United States marriage isn’t taken as serious as it is supposed to be taken, on the other hand in other countries marriage is the most important mutual agreement that two parties can make. Marriage is an important factor for men because a woman brings out the tranquility in a man. The way she brings out the tranquility is she gives him comfort and affection. Married couples are better then non-married couples not only because of their financial stability, but as well as their connection with the society. Marriage is beneficial in four ways the first way is because the child would have a mother and father to look after him. The second way marriage is beneficial is because the man would know that his wife would have a certain amount of faith for your children. The third way marriage is beneficial is the women brings income as well which leaves less of a burden on the husband. The final way is the man would have a better connection with their community because they are looked as a role model. According to Deval Hilton “Statistically, children in single parent homes fare worse than those with two parents. In the United States , family structure contributes to five characteristics of a child’s well being. These include lower birthrates and higher death rates among infants when there is just one parent. Also, the number of children ages 15-17 in school and in good health is much lower, and the number of children becoming pregnant at these ages is increasing. However, children raised in single parent homes do worse than those with caregivers who can give the child attention in all areas, including academic, emotional, and health.” Marriage is beneficial because the children would have a mother and a father to care for them and cater to their needs. That is better for the child because it is better for the child in many aspects of life. This is the best type of family for a child to grow expand and develop in. With in a family which shares an abundant amount of work and distributed equally between the couple is better for a married couple to do then a non-married couple to do. “It is proof of the imam’s uncommon popularity among women that he is trusted with roughly 300 female marriage candidates.” In an Islamic marriage an imam shows the man the woman you best ask for. So in Islamic marriage you can ask for a women who has a lot knowledge Islamic and faith. This can benefit the man because if a man expects his wife to teach his son something about Islam she can do so. This is also good because if the husband had no knowledge about Islam but he wants his son to have knowledge the woman will play that teacher role for the child.
According to Dr. Omar Afzal “Married couples build more wealth on average, then single or cohabiting couples thus decreasing the likelihood that their