Marriage: Marriage and Savidge Dual Enrollment Essay

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Jimmy Bandusky
Dr. Savidge
Dual Enrollment
7 December 2015
No Easy Way Out Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most momentous days of a couples newly started life. Many people take marriage up for granted and look at it as something that is easily disposable. Society has made divorce such an easy option, and most people don’t even think twice about trying to get their marriage to work. However, if there is one rule in life that should be practiced it should be that divorce simply shouldn’t be an option. Lets be honest, why would you choose to marry someone if you don’t plan on spending the rest of your life with them? Problems in marriage should be worked out in every way possible, and getting a divorce should be the absolute last resort. Never the less, so many marriages end because both people fail at working things out and communicating with each other. Getting a divorce doesn’t only affect you. If you have kids I guarantee you just crushed their perfect world. (Unless of course they realize that they are now getting two Christmas’s and birthdays a year now.) Teenagers especially find the shocking news hard to accept because they are the ones that can fully understand what is happening. Not only have you torn your family apart, but you have now just taught your children that divorce is okay. Now when they get married they are also more likely to consider getting a divorce when things get tough. Sadly, this world has made divorces acceptable and desirable.