Essay Marriage: Same-sex Marriage and Opposite Sex Couple

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Same Sex Marriage
The controversy over the decision to make same sex marriage legalized has been going on for many years now. The decision that is made to be united as one is to be made between two people. Whether is it between a man and women, a man and another man, or women and another woman. As long as there are two people that care about each other and have a loving relationship should be allowed to be united. Only one state allows “gay marriage”, which is Massachusetts. New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont allow it be called a “civil union”. The state of California use to allow Gay Marriage but in November the law was banned. The most recent state added to the list to allow gay marriage is Iowa. Iowa believes that people should live the way that they want to, freely and without restrictions. The gay rights movement is hoping to make legal the New England States within the upcoming years. Same sex couples should have the same rights as opposite sex couples. Why? With the legalization of gay marriage it should increase adoption rates since gay couple cannot pro-create. Any couple that is in love should have all the legal benefits of an opposite sex couple. Also, any couple, depending on the circumstance, should not be denied marriage in any circumstance is a form of minority discrimination and questioning of someone’s love toward one another.
With all the children that need to be adopted in this world, there is no a reason why same sex couples can’t adopt a child even if they will have a loving and caring home. “There are around 150 million orphans in the world” (Sara Sidner, CNN) that are potential to be adopted if there were enough people that wanted to adopt children. That is why same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. Some states do not allow children to be adopted by same sex couples. However, if the state find out that you have adopted a child from a state that is was legal and you moved to a state that isn’t legal, they have the rights to take your child away from you and place they will place them in foster care. In the state of Arkansas they made a law that a gay couple could not house an adopted child. Since many gay couples had adopted children the state removed 12,000 children from their parents and placed them in foster care. I think that taking a child from their parents and their surroundings in unlawful itself, in any circumstance. If they wanted to make a law like that they just should have made it that from then on it was illegal. Marriage benefits are offered to an opposite sex couple because they fell in love and get married, if same sex couples are in love why can’t they have the same legal rights? Married is much more than a legal status. It affects the things you can and can’t do such as: tax filing status, insurance benefits, and joint ownership of property. It also affects every day things that you might not even think about. If you were a partner in a same sex couple for many years, in a state that outlawed any gay marriage or civil union, and your partner was very sick and on his/her death bed, the hospital might say that you cannot go visit him/her because you aren’t a spouse or immediate family member. In any circumstance should that opportunity be turned down just because they have no legal status but have been together for many years? Also, what if you were in the situation that you have to make a life or death situation and you could make that decision because you weren’t a spouse or close family. Should their partner suffer and die because they are not the states definition of marriage? If one partner has a good job and good benefits and the other partner just became unemployed is it right that one partner still has insurance benefits and the other one should suffer just because he/she lost their job and they cannot file together for insurance benefits. Joint ownership of a property usually is between married couples or family members for this reason same sex couples cannot