Marriage: United States and College Education Essay

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Every year there are young men and women in the United States of America that have children at a young age (under 18). The majority of these men and women are still maturing and not yet ready for the responsibilities a child brings. Many of them made what they would refer to as a “mistake”. The reason they would say this is because the responsibilities of caring for an infant would prevent them from pursuing a college education. A college education is extremely important and something that every person should have a chance of obtaining. Because of these reasons, it is absolutely necessary that universities start to implement child day care programs in order to help students, who are also parents, attend school full-time while still knowing that their son or daughter is safe and in a healthy environment. A college education is extremely valuable, it provides people with more options and opportunities and, in general, provides them with a chance for a better life for them and their children. It is hard to earn enough money on minimum wage, especially in a struggling economy such as the one present in America right now. However, with a college degree more doors will be opened to graduates. They have the opportunity for a job with a better working environment and much better pay. Universities must start implementing a day care program, not just for the parents but for their children as well. Fundamentally, if the parents of a child are in a financially stable state,…