Marriage vs. Living toghter Essay examples

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Estelle Anderson
Professor BenyouskyIntro. To College Writing21 October 2014
Marriage Versus Living Together
After reading the article, it states that married people are very comfortable of being with each other. They are happier with less confusion, and that the marriage is less to endure emotional and physical abuse (Techman, 2003). In my opinion I don’t feel that this is true because all marriage is not perfect, it comes with its up’s and downs. I can acknowledge that I was married for 16 years and it was a lot of turmoil and some happiness in our marriage. Sometimes we could never see eye to eye. It was always something that we could not agree on but at the end we just came up with a solution to work it out.
Also it states that when being married you have to be in preparation to take on the responsibility as a husband/wife to handle each other problems. Handling each other finances and their economic resources. Kuhlman & Kuhlman (2003). which is true because being in a marriage you have to give your all in all to keep each other happy you have to have that trust, commitment, being dependent and also at the same time you also have be independent. Also it said that in marriages that money can be the most conflict in a marriage, which is true because money is the root of all evil and it can tear a marriage down.
On the other hand, it states that if you’re not married and living with each other as a married couple situations can occur, such as not having the same benefits as a married couple. That means being submissive to each other, having…