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Chemistry 111 BC
The Life and Legacy of Marie Curie
Marie Curie was born in November 7th, 1867, South Poland. Marie Curie is an incredible woman that changed the world’s view of women equality and contributed a remarkable work in different fields of science. In 1891, she was one of 2000 students who graduated the Degree in Physic and Mathematic at the University of Paris. In 1985, Marie married Pierre Currie and had two daughters. Marie and Pierre Curie worked together in the research of Radiation Phenomenon.
She was the first woman in France to gain the Doctor Science Degree; the first woman received the Nobel Prize for the researches on Radiation in 1903,became the first female professor in 1908, and was rewarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911 for the tremendous discovery of Polonium and Radium.
Marie Curie is famous for her research of Radiation phenomenon. The research started in 1898, and she investigated the electrical of the ray come from minerals for her research. She distilled the active part of the pitchblende, which is radioactive contains amount of Thorium and Uranium, and isolated a sample that 400 times active greater than Uranium. She discovered the new element which known as Polonium. She continued to investigate and try to find more radioactive element from the pitchblende. After few months, she isolated the sample and found a new element, known as Radium, which is 900 times active than Uranium. In order to be accepted as a new element, it took Marie four more years to isolated and obtain exclusive element. In 1902, she was able to produce 0.1 g of Radium from 10 tons of pitchblende. She presented her documental research to the Science Committee. Her achievement were accepted and considered as remarkable scientific contribution to the field.
During WWI, Marie used her knowledge Radiation to help people in the battle. She worked in the hospital and helped wounded soldiers, especially those with fracture bone wounded. She helped to run 200 stations after the war and trained a lot