Marriott: Taking Care Of People For A Company

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After listening Mr. Liam Brown's speech, I find it's so important to take care of people for a company, including employees, customers and other stakeholders. The reason Marriott succeeds in very fierce competition is largely because it take care of its people. Marriott always puts people first. Then because of its caring and thoughtful service, it establish powerful brands in market and take up great market. It is the satisfaction from employees that makes Marriott have the ability to sustain its development in products and service renovation in market. So if I engage in my job in future and become a leader in my company, I will try my best to be a good leader who can guide my employees to success other than only be a manager. Also I wish my superior is a good leader who can inspire me to devote myself in working.

The thing impresses me most is the philosophy Marriott holds when doing business——serving our world. I think it's the secret why Marriott successfully attracts a great number of people. Marriott does business not just for making money, its goal is to serve the world, to become leader in industry and to make contribution to workplace and environment. This kind of social responsibility is very important for a company to get recognition and build brands. Because Marriott pays attention to internal and external environment, it can take action to change direction by analyzing the forces impacting its future, like economy, government, competitors and consumers.