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Dangers of Marijuana
Hector Arroyo

The medical dangers of marijuana what it can affect for the use of it. Hidden dangers of medical marijuana can lead to and specific things marijuana can do to your body. It can be hard to remember that medical marijuana is harmful, addictive and causes affects to harm your body. You lose your edge your mind slows down and slowly forgets things that you should simply know. Most teens are smoking marijuana on a day to day base without knowing the facts of what it can do to you, such as memory loss, unable to focus on one thing, solving problems this can happen up to four weeks after you have used the drug. Smoking marijuana can also make you gain weight due to the fact that marijuana causes hunger, the more you smoke the more you eat. Marijuana causes to only slow down to parts of the brain which are Amygdala and Hippocampus, the hippocampus is the part of your brain for memory and the amygdala is your emotions which can be positive or negative when you’re smoking marijuana. What marijuana can and cannot do to you.
Marijuana causes you to lose brain cells studies show for, but when the study was brought up if marijuana can make more brain cells the study was ignored. The drug does not cause you to get cancer, Marijuana is not worse than tobacco or cigarettes the studies show that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco. Marijuana is not the same substances as tobacco in fact tobacco is worse than marijuana and harms your body in worse ways such as lung cancer because tobacco is made with radioactivity when it is grown unlike marijuana, it can help cancer patients with any type they diagnosed with. Marijuana can cause you to lose track of time and make your eyes red, sleepy and hungry. Marijuana raises your heart beat and blood pressure, tend to cause to be paranoid. Depending on the amount it can also cause hallucinations most likely to be someone who doesn’t smoke on a day to day thing. Can marijuana cause death?
Marijuana causing addiction to teenagers those who get caught using marijuana have a choice of jail…