Marsh Maneuvers: A Short Story

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Marsh Maneuvers I had never been very far from home. In fact, I had never been outside my neighboring parishes until I wanted to get involved in 4-H and travel the marshes of The Grand Chenier. I am not going to lie; I was intimidated by the fact that I would be six hours away from home, not to mention for FIVE days! So I was beyond nervous? My friends really wanted me to experience it, so I decided to go. We left on a Tuesday, and it was not all that bad, considering I was in a car full of people I knew. We arrived at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge around five o'clock that afternoon. There was a drastic weather change that I almost instantly noticed. I asked our counselor why and he said, "The Gulf of Mexico's waves send a salty breeze our …show more content…
This sunrise was one of the most appealing pieces of scenery I have ever seen. We also went for a jog that morning. After that, we were all extremely tired so we begged our counselor to let us take a nap. He ended up letting us take a three hour nap. When we got up, we all went and loaded onto a boat. Our counselor told us that we were going beach combing, and I was beyond excited! It turned out that we were doing more than beach combing, we were going for a hike in the marsh. This was no ordinary hike though. There was grass three feet taller than me, sinking mud, and waves that came up and took my shoes! The funny thing is, I actually enjoyed the hike, and after all I guess I enjoyed sinking in the mud about four times. I was surprised I didn’t lose my phone, or the shells I collected. In the sinking mud, I actually lost one of my shoes but the counselor came behind me and dug it out. On the way back, we saw a family of dolphins! There was a mom and two babies. This was my first experience with dolphins and I took plenty of videos and pictures to show my friends and family. When we got back to the camp, all the campers made an origami bird. This was the first time me and many others had ever done origami. They fed us really good at this place. One night we had shrimp fettuccini, and another night we had fish tacos. As gross as a fish taco sounds, it was delicious! I just fixed it like a regular taco, I had never made a fish taco before