Marshall Beach: A Short Story

Words: 1585
Pages: 7

I am with my friends at the beach at the edge of town. It’s me, Ryan, Jazz, and Macy. It’s our fall break and we came to go to Marshall Beach. We chose it because we knew that no one would be there. We make a fire, got some beer and we are having a great time. We dance to Ryan’s boom box and drinking. We are having such a good time that we don’t even notice the sky darkening until a shrill shriek pierces the air. Suddenly the music from Ryan’s boom box changes into a voice. The voice sends chills down my spine. The voice is harmonized and sounds completely demonic.
“You have trespassed onto the Devil’s sacred land.” The demonic voice growled. “In his name you shall pay.” That’s when everything changed. The sky became black and blood began
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I run with inhuman speed as I roar with the joy of the hunt. That’s when I see her, the only friend I have has now become my prey. I stop running and tighten the grip of the rock shard thinking of the most fun way of ending her life. She turns around and starts to run towards me until she sees the changes I’ve endured. She attempts to run but, I catch with ease. I slam her against the cabin wall to immobilize her. I pin her to the ground. I pick up a rock about the size of a softball and I bash it into her skull repeatedly until her skull was nothing but a few fractured bones and brain mush. My senses come back and I realize what I have just done. I have killed my best friend and for what? Pleasure! I did it for the pleasure of the hunt. Before I could even stand I am impaled by five sets of barbed wire that begin to slowly twist. I don’t mind the writhing pain because, I know I deserve it. I deserve it for the way I killed Macy. As I think of all the great times we all had in this life, a line of kids souls appear and begin to wail in a chorus. The pain in my ear makes me fight to get away, but it makes the barbed wires slowly pull me apart. After many long agonizing minutes, the barbed wires yank sharply and I am pulled apart, making the world go black indicating the tortures