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Case: Jamie Turner

Question: It’s clear that Turner faces several problems at the end of the case. How would you describe his main problem? How should he address it?

Response: Turners main problem and ideas to address it
Turner has encountered multiple problems while working with MLI, Inc. Some of the issues were results of unprofessional behavior of others, the rest were either situational or result of Turner’s reactive behavior. However, it is evident that Turner struggled to analyze root cause of issues, and solve them with a constructive approach. Most of the time, Turner reacted to the problem situations without a long term strategic plan.
The main problem in Turner’s case is failure to maintain healthy and cooperative relationship with certain employees at work, especially with his supervisor Cardullo. The solution to this problem could be three fold: communication and cooperation with others, acceptability of his ideas and work by others, showing results to others as targeted.
In current role at MLI Inc., Turner had more autonomy, which came with accountability. Turner had a need to be productive and meet sales targets. But, he should have first focused on getting buy-in of others at personal and professional level.
Turner should have taken it slow and focused on each of the three sub-issues. And then plan an amicable indirect resolution or non-disputable direct resolution, if possible. Turner thought showing results on sales volume and profit margins is…