Martin Luther King's Dream Essay

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Martin Luther King’s Dream King was assassinated due to his work in the civil rights movement, and for having a dream to have all people be treated equal. That leads you to wonder, what did his life accomplish? If he was alive now and saw our nation would he be happy of the progress we’ve made as a nation? I think if Martin Luther King looked at this country now he would be proud. We have grown not just as people but as a nation. For starters we have an African American president! Our thoughts on equality have grown; we no longer allow each other or ourselves to judge someone based solely on the color of their skin instead of the content of their hearts. We don’t just have an African American as president, but many people of color are also ceo’s of large corporations, pursuing any career they choose, and living their life as they please. It’s not just African American’s either, it’s anyone of a different race or nationality that gets to be treated equally and has the right to live their life how they please and I think that MLK would be very proud of this fact. However with all the progress we’ve made in accepting people for their skin color and race we have not done the same with their choice of life partners and I think that if Martin Luther King was here to see this he would be disgusted, because it isn’t fair to everyone. The same way we shouldn’t judge others on their skin, race, or religion we shouldn’t judge them on who they love. If a man and a man or a woman