Martin Luther King Essay

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Anthony Adigun Adigun 1
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English 102.027
March 9, 2013
A Better Future Martin Luther King Jr’s. speech was an inspiration to many people. Not only African Americans were inspired but some different races were also touched by his words. Some people say that President Obama is the reincarnation of MLK because they are similar. They both share the same dream and both are African American. Obama’s 2nd term Inauguration speech was also similar to MLK’s speech before he was assassinated. Some people feel that there is more equality in today’s society, also that we are close to realizing Dr. King’s dream and ways in which we can accomplish his goal. I think that Today’s world is a far better society than old times. There are schools where we have black and whites, we can use the same bathroom, ride the same buses and drink from the same water fountains. There are many more examples to show our equality. The best example to show our equality is that our current president is African American. He is the first to accomplish this task and he is also respected by other races. It shows that we as a country have come a long way from all our 43 presidents being white and finally our 44th being an African American. Dr. King’s dream that he envisioned is very close to coming true. Though we may not be there yet, we are closer than what people would have thought. We still have a lot of time to accomplish Dr. King’s dream. There are different reasons why we are still not where we want to Adigun 2 be. Some white folks do not really consider us to be equal. Though they may not come out and say how they feel, they still do not recognize us as equals. They may try to show the world that they like us but in reality they are plotting to ruin us. They do not want us to succeed in anything we do. Not all whites act like that way. Most of them are nice and friendly to our community. They want us all to be equal and not fight against each other. This shows that our dream is not fully accomplished, but we are more than half way there. There are ways in which we can make Dr. King’s dream reach its full potential. In order for people to get along we have to start treating each other with respect. We must not judge one another based on how