Martin Luther king Essay

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Martin Luther King!
“Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
The U.S.A is seen in today’s world as a nation where everybody grows up in harmony despite of their race and colour. If martin Luther king had kept silent about his aims/ views, then the America we see today probably wouldn’t have existed.
Martin Luther King junior was born on January the 15th 1929 in Atlanta America. Born to a Baptist father king had a very Christian upbringing. Therefore he believed that every creature on earth was created equal and should be treated equally.
In 1944 he was admitted to Morehouse College from where he graduated in 1948 and entered the Crozer theological seminary.
King wanted to bring about a big change to coloured people in the U.S.A. After Rosa Park’s arrest for refusing to give her seat up to a white person, king came to national prominence in the U.S. He was a leading figure in organising boycotts for African Americans of buses in Montgomery. He made many powerful and effective speeches in his campaign for example. His ‘I have a dream speech’ in Washington.
He believed segregation was absolutely wrong and wanted everyone to grown up in harmony.
Being a convinced Christian, Luther king used churches to help him in his civil rights movement campaign. Totally committed to non-violence and fully encouraged his supporters to never to retaliate.
Unlike Malcolm X who was also a leading figure in the civil rights campaign, king was