Phi 105 Week 2

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Reading Analysis
Jean A Jean-Rene
November 13, 2013
Andrea Miles

Carol Gilligan argued that a woman’s ethical development is related to the emotional growth which is transformed by the person, as a nurturer. Women have been known to be a caretaker, and partner, they always have the ability to care for men. In return she relies on man as well to care and take care of her as well. Men in mid-life know the importance of relationships, care and intimacy for the woman, and have known this from the beginning. Women have been known as the caregiver to the man, and man expects that of the women, it is like their own mother caring for them. Women’s ethical development consists of open-minded rebuilding of the understanding of an additional acceptable origin of care. Women have for so long been looked upon as the caretaker of the man. Being sensitive to others needs and also the responsibility of being the nurturer is what a woman is portrait as. Women’s psychological development has influenced her morality. Since the beginning that is all women have ever known, that they are the caring and want to be the one to take care of the man. Women’s unwillingness to make moral judgments, through experience they find a struggle in speaking their own mind because of develop recurrently in a form of doubting themselves. They have a secure feeling of taking care of others which makes them feel good. Women seem to be the ones to hold it all together because of being the caring one they will help in any way to feel happiness and see it in others also. Their moral development contains enlightened understanding towards more formation of care. As we understand about the compassion of women, why is it they care so much? Are they really appreciated the way they should be? At times women seem to nurture more than they should, and the man should care more than they lead us to believe. Having a compassionate man would be a welcomed change to a caring woman. Is it the woman’s job to be the caring one? Or should it be shared with man? Martin Luther King Jr. was a believer in nonviolence. He always looked for a peaceful ending to something that could be so devastating. Regardless of color the ending would be everyone living together as brother and sister. There was a time when the color of your skin played a part of dividing people, and causing violence to start. In Birmingham they had a march. There were people of all different professions, and they marched together to prove they all were treated the same. In an army of violence color of your skin did not matter,