Martin Luther King, Jr. and High School Essay

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When I was a little girl I clung to my fathers’ side, I was his shadow. I looked to my mom as a hero, my hero. I never realized how dependent a child could be until I wasn’t a child any longer. I have learned to break free from under their wing and discover a nest of my own. The pressure of becoming the first generation in my family to go to college is invigorating however is a constant struggle financially and mentally. My family is very hardworking and it seems like in today’s society it doesn’t pay off as much as it should. I have decided to change that. My family’s income may be higher then some but all people see are the numbers and not the bills that most of that money goes towards to provide a roof over my head. I am proud of my family’s accomplishments and I intend to make them proud of mine.

I have lived in Lancaster my whole life, I have smelt the pine, felt the grass between my toes and I cherish each memory I have made here. It’s my home so that’s why each year I give back to my community by volunteering in local MS Marathons held to raise money to find a cure for patients fighting against Multiple Sclerosis disease. I also volunteer for a few more organizations such as the Revlon Walk, Thanksgiving fundraisers to provide dinner for families that can’t afford to celebrate and I participate in the Martin Luther King Days of service that a hand full of people in the community that visits different schools to clean up trash, paint and provide supplies that are needed. This year my high school was fortunate enough to host the MLK Day Of Service and I am very grateful for that opportunity. Being involved in the community has given me an open mind and has taught me that just by giving a little can change a lot.

Confidence has always been an issue with me. When I