Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Activist

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Have you ever thought about the history of Martin Luther King Jr.? Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest civil rights activist during the civil rights movement. Everyday since Martin’s death people have always cherished his beliefs,integrity and his state of mind. Martin was very important because he gave blacks equal rights,inspired people to go after their freedom and much more.The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was unjust because he was a civil rights activist and he was nonviolent; however some people believed he was threat. Martin’s assassination was unjust because he was a civil rights activists. A civil rights activists is a leader of the political movement dedicated to ensuring equal rights. For instance, …show more content…
(Author: Asselin, Kristine Carlson p12) This text proves that he was all for nonviolence and peace.. Martin Luther King lived his whole life without fighting one another. Fighting just isn't in Martin Luther king jr’s mindset.
Some people may say that Martin Luther king was a threat instead of a leader. However that statement isn’t entirely true. Martin never meant any harm and he wasn’t a threat. In the biography Martin Luther King, Jr the text states “He felt the only solution to effect the change they wanted was passive, nonviolent resistance. This piece of information explains how Martin was not a threat and how he tried to help and not harm. People can’t say that Martin was a threat after all of the things that he has done.
In conclusion Martin Luther king jr. was a civil rights activists that supported equal rights and was considered no threat to others. He supported equality for blacks and whites. If you want to call Martin Luther King jr a threat then you better have the evidence to back it up. Martin was very important because he is the reason why we have our equal rights today. His performance as a civil rights activist passes way beyond adequate. Without Martin Luther king I don't know where we would be at right now. There is so many great things that martin did that not everybody knows about, at least now you