Martin Luther King Jr Think About Education Essay

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Have you ever thought what Martin Luther King Jr thinks about education? He really thinks education is a big thing in life. Without education you won’t be anything in life, because you won’t be able to find a good or good paying job because most jobs are recommended to graduate high school with good education the teachers taught you,because some jobs require a diploma or you can be a college graduate. Martin Luther King Jr thinks the purpose of education is to think hard and to think critically. I agree with him because if you think hard you will succeed in school and life. The reason why I think this is true is because every time I think hard in school I do a good job doing my work.Most of some jobs don’t even hire you if you don’t have a high school diploma, that is why people who don’t have a diploma still live with their parents because they don’t have a good paying job and can’t even support themselves because they earn little money than others with a diploma, …show more content…
If you think hard in a very hard class you would more likely pass the class, but you would have to think hard everyday, and than you would be an efficient person in life. Just remember you will go through a lot in high school and college but in the future it will pay off by giving more money than the people that didn’t graduate from high school because those people will be getting paid minimum wage while over here you are getting paid double or triple the minimum wage. The last thing I have to say is that education is also important because most people that have graduated from college tend to retire earlier and if you retire earlier you can live life because you won’t have to work , and you won’t have to be waking early thinking you are late to work. You can also go on vacations with your family, and the people without an education won’t be able to have those fun things and would retire at a late