Martin Luther King Jr Vs Chris Mccandless Essay

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What comes to mind when you hear Martin Luther King Jr. and Chris Mccandless? They're two different people but do they have similarities? If you think about it, both believed in different things but they did everything they could to achieve what they believed in. Both McCandless and King are very different people, who believed in different things, however, they both tie together with many similarities.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister and activist civil right activist. King spoke out again the unequal rights that was occurring in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s.
He studied Gandhi's beliefs incorporating nonviolence into everything he believed in. King has impacted many lives and helped shaped the country of who we are today.
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As McCandless traveled he faced many difficulties. In his journal he wrote... No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild.(Krakauer 163)
Chris walked alone,however, he never gave up.
So how are Chris McCandless and Martin Luther King Jr. similar? Both individuals changed the people around them. For example, King spoke and protested about the unequal rights in America. McCandless, when everyone was out on Friday night, he was passing out burgers to homeless people. They also had the courage and dedication to achieve what they believed in. King believe that there should be equality among the blacks and whites. Many people opposed of what he did by trying to hurt him and destroying his home. McCandless set his goal by wanting to make it to Alaska. On his trip his car broke down and he didn't have much money to live on. Both of them never gave up and nothing stopped them.
Even though they have many similarities, King and McCandless have many differences.
King was a leader and spoke out about what he believed in. He wanted people to know who he was and form relationships with people. On the other hand, Mccandless didn’t want to