Martin Luther King Jr. Vs. Malcolm X

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In “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King JR and the “Message to Grassroots” by Malcolm X, use similar techniques in order to prove their own claims. Although Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X have two different viewpoints, they both use the similar skills to persuade the audience focusing on their struggles of segregation and inequality. Martin Luther King Jr's main purpose was to unify the country between the whites and the blacks because “all men are created equal” referencing to the Bible. Similarly to Malcolm X referring to God when he says “you don't have to turn the other cheek”. However, Malcolm X does not believe in the unification of all races. Malcolm X believes “that the enemy [is] the white men” but all the other races are one. They both used the same technique when they emphasized on the bible by showing they are wise men in order to gain trust to the audience. Not only did they use references to the bible, but they also used references to history. For an example, Martin Luther King Jr used the Gettysburg Adress, The Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence. In the same way as Malcolm X creating allusions to history when …show more content…
While Martin Luther King Jrs tone was positive, reflective, and moderate. Malcolm X had an aggressive tone and conveys the impression of revolutionizing against the white men. Martin Luther King Jr audience was the moderate white men. In hope for their “bitterness and hatred” towards the black community to be put at rest and at peace.On the other hand, Malcolm X audience wanted to encourage the black community to defend themselves because peace was not an option. Therefore, both speakers wanted a different outcome in the same situation. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr both even mentioned about each other opposing each other's point of