Martin Mcdonagh's 'the Lieutenant of Inishmore' on the Stage Essay examples

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Workshop: Approach to Acting, ‘Lieutenant of Inishmore’

The characters of ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ are first and foremost not intended to be portrayed in a realistic manner as convincing psychologically well rounded individuals. They are however presented in a three dimensional manner although they generally have one over riding drive in the play which motivates everything they say and do. They are so entrenched in this driving force that they are incapable of change and no matter what situations arise during the play their inner action never changes.

Workshop Tasks:
Scene 1, page 6 (From, Donny: He isn’t my fecking cat at all……. to Davey: Oh Jesus Christ, Donny! Not your Padraic in the INLA

Two Actors, Realistic
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Scene 1 to 2
Scene 2 to 3
Scene 3 to 4 etc

How important do you think it is to keep the audience involved with the stage action without breaks between scenes or an interval? Explain why?

How could the first and final scene be staged to show that the action in the play had come full circle with little/nothing being achieved?

Workshop, Scene Transitions
Groups are to be assigned the end of one scene/beginning of another & will discuss how best an audience should be taken from the action of one scene to the action of the next scene. Use stage directions & give a walk through reading of the transition explaining how it could best be staged so as to maintain dramatic tension for the audience.

Elements of Production & ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ Consider the following production elements as required for each scene:
Sound/ Lighting / Props

In groups students are to divide the play so that these key elements are considered, lists made of what the specifics should be for each scene of the play with regard to these elements.

Costume: Is this an important production element to consider. Decide on a directorial concept/vision for a school production of the play using student actors. How would you envisage costumes for the characters to follow that vision. Would the costume need to change for particular actors during the course of the play. Dividing the characters up between groups in the class consider