Martin Shkreli Essay

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Any business owner who spends time to consider, investigate, and purchase a company has the goal of making money. That seems to be the point of going into business. If that isn't the goal, then the individual is probably more concerned with philanthropic endeavors and should head in that direction to progress in life.

Now, that does not mean that all the work a businessperson does needs to be driven solely by profit, but profit is the "bottom line" so to speak.

Martin Shkreli is a businessman. He's been one since he was 17 years old according to Sadie Nicholas of the UK's Express. He "gained a business degree in 2004" and at 17 began a hedge fund (high risk investments). He did something right as he "launched his own fund" soon after. In order to operate a hedge fund, one must have the capital (cash flow) to make it possible.

Through his various ups and downs in the business world, which is perfectly normal for that industry, he was able to found a medical company, Turing, that purchased the rights to a drug called Daraprim in the fall of 2015. His first order of business, it seemed, was to increase the price of the life-saving drug by over 5500% ("from 8.78 to a staggering 488.26 per pill"). This has made him a virtual pariah in the community. He is getting open letters asking for him to reconsider from
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In his mind, the value of the pill is even more than the $732 he is currently charging. The problem is that the patients who rely on this drug are a very specialized group--people whose immune systems are compromised by illness. It can take as many as 10 pills a day for some of these people to fight off a parasite that for most of us is nothing to defeat. Without the medication, these patients will die. The doses were already costly at $130 per day for 10 pills. The jump to $7300 per day makes it a choice between medicine and taking one's chances. No one should need to do