Essay on Martyrdom In The Crucible

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As a result of John Proctor’s ultimate sacrifice, the hangings eventually stopped and the church realized what has happened. After John died for his cause of bringing down Abigail and saving his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, people started to question if these people were really guilty. When people started to catch on to what was happening, Abigail disappeared from Salem and never returned. John Proctor’s death was kind of a final wake up call for everyone in Salem, after he accused her of lying and him being out to death. After countless deaths, everything involving the witchcraft stopped, and Elizabeth Proctor was freed, although she lost her husband.

To become a martyr, you must have some sort of personal experience that will be related to your cause. John Proctor’s experience was that he had his wife taken from him because of Abigail’s treachery. After fighting for your cause, you will realize that you must make a huge decision about your cause and what you will do about it. John had to protest in court against Abigail to try and save his wife, but after his plan fell apart, he had to choose between life and death to get his point across about Abigail’s lies. Most martyrs end up dying for their cause in the end, proving how important it is.

A Martyr is someone who must make a huge sacrifice for their cause or belief. Most martyrs end up losing their life as their sacrifice for their cause or belief. To be a martyr, your cause or beliefs must be great and extremely