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Dear Mouse,
Marv Hammerman, the toughest, biggest boy in the school, which is one of the reasons to fear him.That's not a reason that you should. I'm just here to give you a litle advice on it. First of all Hammerman's a bully, think of him as any bully. Don't think of him as the worst, think of him as average school bully.‘Some people feel that bullying is a normal part of growing days but, it’s not normal , rather something very aggressive’- Think about this. Bullying means an imbalance of power. Bullied students are unable to defend themselves and this causes imbalance of power.It has the potential to ruin a student’s school life. Mouse, you run from this your whole life. First of all it's not the most logical idea to hide for the rest of your life, secondly he's gon'na find you or you are going to man-up and find him. So Mouse Fawley, what it's gonna be. Are you going to hide all your life like a mouse. Or are you going to grow-up and deal with it.
When someone does an act intentionally, it means that the person is conscious of the act that is being done. The act usually entails consequences / reactions / gains / feelings that the person hope will come up from him/herself and/or the other party (in this case the person being bullied). For example, the bully may feel satisfied when he/she hurts other people or get money/things from intimidating his/her victim. Bullying is simply an act of unbalanced power.The victim is left with a choice to balance this power and