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The field of Human Services is broadly defined. Human service addresses the quality of services being delivered, and by organizing services for diverse settings which including children, youth, families, physically illness, the homeless, the elderly, substance abusers, and the mentally ill. The needs of these population may include counseling that addresses the issues of addiction, abuse social and psychological problems, basic needs of living such as food, shelter, and or safety. Job titles and duties can vary depending on the job setting and the kind of clients being served. The three population I will address in this paper are mental illness, substance abuse and children. Mental illness refers to many mental health conditions or disorders that affect a person’s physiological, physical, behavior and social well-being. Some examples of this population includes developmental disability, intellectual disability etc. The population may include bipolar, depression and anxiety and can require medication and or counseling. Human services professionals provide counseling, advocacy, aftercare, and direct services. Professional tools such as case management, counseling, and medications. Human Service professionals  Substance abuse refers to excessive use or dependency on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. When drug use becomes abusive when an individual’s mind or body are affected in a negative or harmful ways. Substance abusers can endanger relationships with others, damaging to their health, or society. Human service professionals can use cognitive–behavioral therapy, which seeks to help patients recognize, avoid, and cope with the situations that might cause them to relapse. This includes individual or group drug counseling.
Homeless is an individual who do not have a home or access to basic needs such as food, clothes etc. Among housing these individuals need job training, life skills training, transportation, substance abuse therapy or other psychological help. Human service professionals have to be unbiased and nonjudgmental when working with these clients. These professionals are able to provide case management, support groups, counseling, and medical services. They also play a big part in advocating for these individuals as well as raise awareness. Other job duties entails supervising shelter residents, intake counselor, and residential aide. They are links resources and make connections so the homeless can obtain shelter, food, and other services.
The agency I visited was Community Resource Center for Developmental Disabled (CRCDD). The population is individuals with