Marxism in Titanic Essay

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Critical Evaluation of Marxism in Titanic – Stephanie Kiewel – Critical Appraisal Film 5010 – Dec. 2013

The film Titanic used to be the most successful film of all times. The romantic disaster movie was released in 1997. It deals with both the historical catastrophe where 1,517 passengers lost their lives (Rosenberg, 2013). It is also a perfect example of class struggles and capitalistic ideals, presented in a love story between the classes.
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The film is set in 1912 and symbolises the last remainders of the Victorian three-­‐ class-­‐structure, however it does not pay attention to the middle class just like the traditional Marx writings. Although Titanic starts off as a perfect example for a capitalistic America, it quickly changes the course and becomes a paradigm for Marxist class struggles.

Titanic builds around the love of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, two characters from different backgrounds and classes. Jack is a penniless artist, while Rose is a rich inheritor with a wealthy fiancé. The two characters as an example for the proletariat and the bourgeoisie embody the two sides of the Marxist class struggle. The fact, that during the film, Rose rebels against the bourgeoisie and changes the sides in a mini