Mary And Max Analysis

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Adam Elliott’s Claymation film Mary and Max is the simple allegory of the innocent correspondence between a portly girl from the suburbs of Melbourne and a morbidly obese, middle-aged New Yorker suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Jeff Giles’ analysis “Mary and Max Review” published October 18th 2009 in contends the picture is “an act of tenderness” featuring an unusual and hilarious comical script. Due to its unknown, amateur source Giles’ audit lacks merit necessary to sway its audience in favour of his views.
Although only two paragraphs containing the plot summary Giles is brilliantly able to provide an apt description of the storyline. Not overpowering or underwhelming, the portion of the review durated on the synopsis is the perfect amount necessary to provide his audience with information without taking up too much space. His knowledge and understanding of Mary and Max is vast, asserting “what really sets the movie apart is Elliot’s deft way with “Mary and Max’s” larger themes – namely self-acceptance, the redemptive power of honest human connection, and the idea that life is really more about the journey than the destination”. Intelligent statements are magnanimous in the way that they persuade the audience and leave them startled at Giles’ power of communication.
Overly simplistic, moronic lines like “Wallace and Gromit this ain’t” detract from the fantastic assertions Giles’ employs. Completely unnecessary, Giles does not need to phrase his piece so pettily – it makes him look inferior and pretentious, losing the support of his audience. Giles also fails