Mary Daly's Gyn-Ecology Summary

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Mary Daly wrote several books among them Gyn/Ecology: the Metaethics of Radical Feminism. Her main purpose for writing this book was to express her concern for the level of oppression women face from men. She tries to offer solutions to women on how to stand for themselves and avoid the oppression by the other gender. She uses the term Gyn/Ecology to refer to the victory women have had in being able to avoid the oppression. She claims that women have come a long way I am proving their independence. Several women have managed to rise above the oppression and occupy leadership positions. This makes her very glad, and she believes that with time women will be able to be treated equally with men. However, her greatest concern at the moment is the fact that women are still not given equal opportunities to men so as to pursue their own dreams. She goes ahead to give various women in history who rose above the oppression to prove that women are not inferior to men. Also, she gives …show more content…
In her research, Daly refers to “meta” as male dominated or male ethics. Her book mainly emphasizes on the methods females can use to gain equality to men. As such, he uses the terms “metaethics” and “metapatriachal” to refer to male dominated ethics and male dominated theology. Throughout her works, she tries to open the eyes of the readers to understand how men have put the world to suit their needs, disregarding those of females. She, therefore, uses these two words to attract the reader’s attention. According to her, Meta has several meanings. Therefore she incorporates it in her work to refer to a journey of the patriarchy of men. In her literature, meta encompasses the meanings transcending and beyond. By using it, she hopes the reader will get the notion of reformism which she attempts to