Mary Maxfield Food As Thought Analysis

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The type of food and amount of food one may intake varies from person to person. So no one can try and tell one what to eat, not even a nutritionist or scientists. In Mary Maxfield’s “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating” and Michael Pollan’s “Escape from the Western Diet” they both agree that scientists are not the ones who should be telling someone what they can and cannot eat. They also write about how the industries are trying to take American’s money.
In Mary Maxfield's, “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating”, she agrees with Pollan saying nutritionist are not the one to tell someone the amount of proteins and carbs one can intake. Maxfield says “A growing group of academics who have examined the research on obesity at length have discovered fundamental flaws behind the perception of fatness, diet and health.” (Maxfield 444) I believe that we should not be
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I feel that no one should tell us what to eat. Pollan states, “[I’d like to propose] three rules- “Eat food. Not to much. Mostly plants.” (Pollan 426) He says that nutritionist are wrong and that we should not listen to them, but he is telling us that we should eat mostly plants. If we eat mostly plants then we would not get the proteins we need . So, therefore, we should not listen to Pollan either. Many times he talks about how we eat the Western diet and that the solution is simple, that we should stop eating it. It is a lot easier to say that you are going to quit something than to actually quit it. The Western diet is what most American’s have been raised to eat and we should not stop eating it just because someone thinks that we should eat mostly plants. Pollan is saying that we should not listen to the nutritionists and scientists because they are wrong and no one should tell us how to eat. Yet in Pollan’s article, he is telling us what we should