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Cabaret the 1966 Broadway production followed by the numerous New York and london shows The film was created In 1972 starring Liza Minnelli. John Kander and Fred Ebb created the music and lyrics. Set in 1933 were Nazis were rising to the power in Berlin. Winning three Tony awards. and one Drama desk award for outstanding revival. Cabaret impacts different opinions on different winners. The style of dance could communicate seducing a male figure. Cabaret owns a contrasting cast ranging from a group of young energetic dancers at the Kit Kat club and an older woman who runs the boarding house and a An elderly Jewish fruit shop owner (Fràulein Schneider, Hen Schultz's), developing a quality to allow an audlenœ of different age groups to relate to the real life hardship of the story.
Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse born in Chicago, he was an American actor. dancer, musical theater choreographer, director, screenwriter, editor and film director. His unique and distinct style simply referred to today as “Fosse” His developed style of dance was jan but with a different edge which was highly based on sexuality and the posture of woman. As this musical is based around second World War the choreography and costumes shocked me as they are hath very revealing. My inturäutaüon on this theme based al the specllîc time is a realistic vibe, Most people in todays society indulge in things they shouldn't, Stereotypical women in Germany at the time of the Second World War should he supporting their husbands and being a housewife.
The opening act to Cabaret introduces most of the characters what perform In the Kit Kat dub, It sets the atmosphere on what we are about to see. The costumes are revealing and the dancers are seductive. music suggests a sleazy theme and the choreography suggests to me attracting opposite sex The lighting of Cabaret is dark and grungy which suggests to me a dirty and bad behavior which represents most of the characters. The audience may find Cabaret entertainíng to watch because of the funny witted sensual characters but it’s also has a slice of realistic terms with the intensity of alcohol, drugs, sex and violence.
Mein Herr expressing the meaning "my lord" (you have to understand the way l am my lord. This dance introduces the character (Sally Bowers) perfectly. The choreography for this song is nothing highly dramatic or energetic. The moves are small manipulative and seductive. The movements of the dancers are irresistibly enteriainíng as the dancers move symbolically expressing the lyrics. The dancers create found sounds as they stamp their feet with heels and hit the chairs. This creates an energetic effect building adrenalin in the audience and bringing attention to the other dancers highlighting the moreographv as a whole, The simplicity of the choreography creates an effect of a better understanding of the song and what the characters are trying to portray, The main focus of the girls are how their body's move, they are seductive bringing attention to the most attractive part of their bodys.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins the musical produced by Walt Disney Theatrical and directed by Richard Eyre and choreographed Matthew Bourne. Based on the Disney film Mary Poppins, the original west end production premiered in 2004 making it the only Disney musical in the UK4 It received two Olivier awards for best actress in musical and best theatre choreography and the Broadway production received seven Tony award nominations. The stage musical has elements from the Disney film but is not directly the same.
Matthew Bourne choreographed this musical giving it a magical enchanting theme "Bourne has been said to be the most audience conscious artist. Bourne does not go into detail about his works because he wants audience to have their own interpretations of his works.
Richard Eyre hired a company to create special magical effects on the stage, as it is a children's production you would expect to have a