Essay about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Victor's Monster

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In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein took a very big risk in deciding to create life, and he never thought it would turn out to ruin his life as it did. He was so wrapped up in the fact that he had accomplished what he did that he never thought of what could go wrong. It seems as though he expected the “creation” to be beautiful and loved by everyone or at least someone. Victor believed that his creation would love him, and he’d be sort of god-like. It turned out that it didn’t go exactly as he had planned and his creation didn’t love him as much as he had expected, and he wasn’t as beautiful or great as planned. I don’t think Victor knew that his creation would want revenge on him so bad, and completely turn his world upside down. His world completely changed after he created this “monster”. He started losing his loved ones before he even knew it, one by one they disappeared. He became very selfish, and wrapped up in himself and lost touch after Justine was framed by the creation for killing his brother. He never told anyone about the creation which was very selfish of him; he knew he would die if he did because what he did went against his religion. The choice to create this “monster” was one that he realized he couldn’t change. He couldn’t just go back and get rid of the creation. He had to deal with the consequences and the torture the creation put him through by killing the people he cared about. The “creation” wasn’t necessarily bad however; he just wanted to be cared about like the De Lacey family cared for each other. Killing…