Mary Warren Character Analysis

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“I cannot” this was said by Mary Warren to John Proctor. She is saying this to him because he wants her to tell the truth and secrets about John but she doesn’t want him or Elizabeth to get into trouble. Mary Warren is the servant of the Proctors. She attends the court sessions and during one of the sessions she made a poppet. Mary gave the poppet to Elizabeth and Abigail said it was a voodoo doll so Elizabeth could kill Abigail. When Mary is brought into the court to be trailed and she is very overwhelmed. After reading “The Crucible” I can relate to Mary Warren because we are both loyal, innocent, and fearful. Both Mary Warren and I are loyal to our friends in difficult times. “I never see no sign you ever sent your spirit put to hurt no …show more content…
Mary is one of the girls who was caught in the forest but she did not participate in the dancing and conjuring spirits. Mary knows it was wrong but she went anyway because she didn't want to be an outcast from the girls. I was at a new year's party and there was a lot of people there. Also there was alcohol there that I didn't know of. A Lot of parents found out and I got into trouble but my parents soon found out I was didn't drink any of it and that I was innocent. My spanish class had a substitute teacher that gave us work to do that no one did. So our teacher gave everyone zeros but I completed it and showed my teacher which provided my innocence. Both Mary and I get into tough situations but our innocence proves that we do the right thing. Mary Warren and I are both fearful. “You’re the Devil’s man!” said by Mary Warren to John Proctor. Mary was so overwhelmed when she was being questioned so she admits to witchcraft and yells at John Proctor. I have difficult not knowing things. When I don't know things I begin to become overwhelmed and overthink things and make myself scared. I’m also fearful of the future. I hope I and successful, still have my good friends, and have a good family. But not knowing the outcome of the future makes me scared. From being questioned and think of the unknown makes both Mary Warren and I fearful. I found characteristics about Mary Warren that I find similar to myself