Mary J. Blige and Music Essay

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Paris Conboy #4 4/28 Poetry’s Comparison To Music Poetry is a beautiful thing as well as music and together those two are life savers. A lot of people use music or poetry to express themselves or let anger out. Music and poetry are very tranquil. For example, a parent can sing a rock-a-by to a toddler and they will fall right to sleep. As well as read them a poem and have the same effect. That shows how calm and peaceful, and comfortable even, poetry and music is. Poetry and music aren’t just nice sounding melodies and words they are also a way of life and an art. Some people categorize the two as entertainment, but I think they are a way of life. When I say a way of life I don’t just mean they affect someone’s mood like they can make you feel happy or sad, but they affect someone’s health and life when peoples love of music and poetry are chosen as a career nine times out of ten they are doing whatever they do because they really enjoy music and it makes them feel good and brings up their spirit which is good for your body and puts food on the table for survival. A lot of people feel that music and poetry fall in to the same category and a lot of other people feel that poetry and music are two different things and have their own elements that make them up. Everyone has an opinion towards the two, but the truth is poetry is a type of music as well as an art used to express feeling and ideas from the heart with the use of distinctive style and rhythm.
Let’s examine my choice for music and poetry. For