Mascara Essay

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Alana Morreal
Earth Science 2
Lesson 13

Mascara has been around since ancient Egyptian times, and today, millions of women use it. the main ingredient in mascara is petroleum. when putting on mascara we dont necessarily think of how its made or what its made of or how do we get the ingredients to make it. its shocking to knowing how much time and work can go into a little tube of eye makeup.

When making mascara there are two types of methods. One is called the anhydrous method and the second is called the emulsion method. In the anhydrous method the ingredients are measured and weighed. Then they are emptied into the mixing tank. Heat is then applied to melt the waxes, and the mixture is agitated. The agitation continues until the mixture reaches a semi-solid state. The emulsion method is different however. This type is made with a lotion base. The way to make this is, water and thickeners are combined. while the waxes and emulsifiers are mixed and heated separately. Pigments are added before both mixtures are combined in a high-speed agitator called a homogenizer. The result of both methods is a semi-solid substance that is ready to be packaged.

When buying mascara we don't really think about what it is actually made of, how it is made and how we get the ingredients to make it. The main ingredient in mascara is petroleum. You can't just get petroleum anywhere. In order to get some you need a petroleum extractor to do this job. The process of getting petroleum is hard. You need to find an open area and cut down all the trees and plants. then you need to start drill holes where the petroleum is then you use a rig to drill deeper holes to extract the petroleum.