Essay about Masculinity: Gender and Violence

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Being a male in today’s society is not about living and enjoyment, it has become more of a task. Social pressures and media have made it difficult for males to live a life in which they are not being pressured to act or perform a certain way. In order to reassure themselves of their masculinity, violence has become the main method in assuring themselves and those around them that they are powerful. Not only is this violence being perpetrated against others, but self-inflicted violence also exists. The violence being used is not only physical but it is emotional abuse as well. Masculinity has forced many males to perform in ways that are detrimental to their own health as well as their loved ones. Furthermore, it has also put males in the …show more content…
In order to overcome these fears, many males feel the excessive need to hide their emotions and connections to other human beings. If a man dares to show emotion, he is mocked and teased. To avoid the teasing, emotions and feelings are kept bottled up. As a result of hiding these feelings, males are subjected to even more emotional pain and stress. The emotional pain created by obsessive masculinity is stifled by reinforcing masculinity itself (Kaufman, 12). This clearly shows that the ideology of masculinity causes emotional suffering and misery. Masculinity’s definition teaches males that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. When asked by interviewers, many young males replied that being a man is about being intimidating, powerful, and physical and that not having these characteristics brand you as a homosexual (Tough Guise). Additionally, masculinity requires a suppression of a whole range of human needs, aims, feelings, and forms of expression (Kaufman, 13).
Moreover, it can be seen in social settings how males approach one another and attempt to show their feelings in a less obvious form. Kaufman notes that expressions of affection and of the need for other boys had to be balanced by an active assault (19). This could be a simple punch on the shoulder when greeting one another or a heavy pat on the back when trying to show your feelings towards another male. It is evident that showing emotions and