Essay about Mase: Mind and Certain Speeches

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I had a lot of favorite moments about the class, but the main one was giving speeches. As much as all the speeches were a pain in the butt I actually liked giving speeches more than I did sitting there taking notes in class. Every time Ms. Bein gave us a new speech inside I was pretty excited to give one because you get to learn a lot of things about certain topics you didn’t know about. Certain speeches made you realize how deep some of the speakers went to give a great speech, and it was crazy on how some went through to get this information about the paper. Some of the papers had a major impact on you because some of these topics are about society today and what it is we need to do about it. I really like doing the speeches so much because I got to do some awesome topics about my life or about whatever you wanted to talk about that is a major habit in society. I’m really glad we got to pick our own topics on the speeches because if it was something common like about cell phones or writing papers in college than I wouldn’t passing speech class right now. I liked how we all thought outside the box and came up with things in common about ourselves and our own experiences with the topics we chose or what’s going in in life with the country. I had a lot of fun with my informative speech because it got the class thinking what is really out there beside just the planets, and it had them wondering are we the only ones that exist in the world. Others speeches about texting and…