Maslow's hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs states that "Only after meeting the basic lower-order needs can a person consider fulfilling higher-order needs, such as the needs for love and a sense of belonging, esteem, and self-actualization." This basically means that before a person can reach total self fulfillment, or self actualization, that person must first have acquired all of his or her other needs. According to Maslow, there are different levels of needs that can be represented by a pyramid. In order for a person to move up the pyramid, he or she has to fulfill the lower needs first. This pyramid would show the basic primary needs, such as food, water, sleep, and sex at the very bottom. Directly above the primary needs would be the need for safety and security. Above the safety needs would be the need to have love and affection and to belong. The next level is self-esteem, or "the need to develop a sense of self worth." At the very top of the pyramid is self actualization, or when a person feels that he or she has reached his or her highest potential possible. This person is completely satisfied with his or her current life and has no desire to improve or change anything. This hierarchy makes perfect sense to me. If I do not have the basic needs for survival, such as food and water, I will not feel safe and secure. Also, if I do not have a sense of self worth, I would not be able to be completely satisfied with my life. The most challenging need to obtain, in my