Maslow ' s Hierarchy of Needs and Study Bob Knowlton Essay

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Bob Knowlton Case Study

Bob Knowlton, a collaborative team leader, was promoted to project head. He was leading a diverse team in building Knowltons idea of a photon correlator. Dr Jerrold, the lab manager, introduces a new one employee to the firm and pairs Simon Fester with the group led by Knowlton. Bob Knowlton's confidence associated with his accomplishment soon vanishes when Fester starts to take over the project.
The way Knowlton’s confidence sank as soon as he was getting linked with another employee proves that Bob’s self esteem is at an all time low. According to humanist psychologist, Abraham Maslow, “Our actions are motivated in order to achieve certain needs. Due to Knowlton’s self esteem level there is going to be zero motivation in him to get the job done efficiently. There is a no brainer here that Knowlton has esteem needs. These include the need for things that reflect on self esteem, personal worth, and accomplishment. It almost feels to Knowlton that Fester wants to take over or replace him, which is the cause of Bob's immediate feel of threat and loss of confidence. His insecurity grown continually as Fester has excelled in his position thus far.
Dr. Jerrold, the director of research and supervisor of Bob’s team, has very high expectations of those working under him. His relational level tends to be on the controlling side, and he likes satisfying his own needs from time to time. He didn’t introduce Fester and didn’t communicate to Knowlton for possibly having someone new join his team. Jerrold shows no form of interpersonal communication to his workers. Bosses who have trouble understanding the perspectives of their employees will be less effective managers.
Fester showed up to work the following day and got straight to business he started analyzing graphs as soon as he started. He had the confidence of a fifth grader winning the science far for the first time, there was no depriving him of it. He had already began talking and hitting it off with Link, the mathematician of the group. We communicate to satisfy needs and of one of these needs for Fester was to accomplish practical goals, and that was career success.
The morning meetings (a form of group communication) had come around, which frightened Bob Knowlton in a way. The ideas being presented were all thanks to Fester, and he knew that Fester was more brilliant, and better prepared on the subject matter. Bob would rather have Fester do all the talking than him making a fool of himself. Knowlton’s leadership skills, which he once had before Fester showed up, are now gone.…