Maslow's Hierarchy

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1. Identify-
An important decision that I have made in my life is my choice to go to university after high school. This decision is important as it will determine whether or not I will be able to qualify for the career I want as a primary school teacher.

2. Describe –
Maslow’s Hierarchy is a theory which proposes that 4 levels of basic human needs must be fulfilled to reach the final level of self-actualisation. These 5 levels of the theory include; physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualisation. Maslow’s Hierarchy can be used to help understand how important the specific needs are when in relation to a certain situation or decision. By using Maslow’s Hierarchy for my decision of going to university it will allow me to know what specific needs are most important and useful in relation to my decision.

The specific need mostly needed to reach my goal is education as it will prove to be the most helpful need for studying in university. The need of education signifies the process of learning and also the process of acquiring knowledge and new skills. The education level needed for university fits into the fourth level of Maslow’s Hierarchy which is ‘Self Esteem’ as it involves the independence and achievement that would be needed to succeed the education level required for university. Education is necessary for my decision as it will firstly help me get accepted into university and will help me become successful in my goal. The specific need of education is the most required need for my decision as it will be the most used and helpful need in university.

The next specific need that will be needed to reach my goal is an adequate standard of living. Having an adequate standard of living refers to a person’s primary needs including food, water, shelter and clothes. Adequate standard of living would fit into the Maslow’s Hierarchy level of ‘Physiological’ as it refers to food, water and all other basic needs used for human survival. Having an adequate standard of living is necessary for my decision of going to university as it will provide me with a good study environment and it includes having a healthy diet needed to concentrate in a university. The specific need of an adequate standard of living is an important requirement for my decision as it covers the basic human needs that are needed for survival and in a university, concentration and a good study environment.

Another important specific need essential to my decision is employment. The need of employment refers to devoting time and energy towards a goal for a payment. The specific need of employment would fit into the belongingness level in Maslow’s Hierarchy as it states a good relationship in work groups, which is needed to be more likely to achieve the work goal. Employment is needed for my decision as university costs a significant amount of money to apply for a course which would mean I would need a job to pay it off. Employment is important to have for my decision as it would help me pay off the university fees of the course I choose to do.

Health is another specific need that is needed to have a successful outcome on my decision. A person’s health refers to their overall perception of wellbeing and can be achieved by having a balance over the five factors of wellbeing. On Maslow’s Hierarchy health would be seen on the safety level as it refers to a person’s stability and a balanced lifestyle. Health would be crucial in university as it will give me a balanced diet, a good social life and a healthy emotional state. Having a well health state will help me achieve in my decision as it will make sure I have a balance lifestyle and a healthy wellbeing.

Safety and security is a specific need that is not too important and will not have much of an affect to my decision. Safety and security refers to a person’s desire to feel protected from a potential threat. This specific need would fit into the safety level of Maslow’s Hierarchy as it