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Mass Communication
Zining Chen
Media Framing
With the rapidly development of Internet, network news commentary has become the new kind of journalism Review that will not be inconsiderable, and it brings a strong impact to the TV News Comments. Cable news channel is an old but still powerful tool to spread news. It has characteristic such as:
1. Large number of TV program, good image quality. In cable television systems it can receive local television programs. Cable TV come with high quality signal source, to ensure a high level of the signal, because with cable or fiber optic transmission, to avoid ghosting and issues such as open space clutter launch.
2. Cable TV can accomplish far distance transmission; it can transmit more television programs, so it can satisfy the requirements of customers optimistic about television.
But as the Internet news developed, TV cable news really took a hit. Network news will appear in the form of a truly independent news media. Every each of Internet news will also have their own reporters and interviewers; they have their own event planning; they have its own characteristic columns, they have their own live events. Internet news not only absorbed the advantages of traditional media, but also take full advantage of the online media in real-time, interactive and lower production costs and terms, and therefore network news will truly become a competitors for traditional media.
Take an example from Chinese news media. CCTV (as known as: China Central Television.) and (One of the biggest online media platform in China.). From CCTV, audience will be able to have news updated eight times per day. But on, the news channel are updating every 15 minutes. For the every news we see on the it will also has a relative news link, so that audience will have a bigger view of the news case.
How do the various channels influence their audiences’ perception of the news? For the Cable TV news channels, the way they influence their audiences is thought the host of show and pre-edited content. Celebrity Charm is the term here we can apply toward the Cable TV. By using famous host, they will be able change the point of view of their audiences, because audiences tended to believe in celebrities. For example, In April 9th, 2003. After 24 years dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, his statue was torn down in downtown Baghdad, making the American troopers occupation of Baghdad. From various TV channel such as CNN and BBC, they posted couple pictures of lot of people gather around at downtown Baghdad, and excited to torn down Saddam Hussein’s statue. But the picture was being thoughtfully crafted; it was only showing part of the place. The true was, there wasn’t a lot of people, about 40 Iraq people actually showed up. But back then, the audience thought every other Iraq people was willing to torn down the Saddam Hussein statue, and they were happy about American troopers “liberty” them. But truth was only part of Iraq people was happy to took over Saddam’s government. However, for the news channel online, besides pre-edited news content, online comment also took a big part. Due to the technical characteristics of the network, as long as there are networked computers around, people who concerned about news and current affairs can log online and express their views and opinions. Instead of saying news channel influence audience, we can say audience is also influence by other audience.

Is bias acceptable in news reporting?