Mass and Time Essay

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If we increase the mass of the balls dropped at the same height, then the time to fall will decrease, because gravity will have a larger effect on the larger mass. The hypothesis is incorrect because what was calculated from the experiment was not proven by the hypothesis. For example, a basketball weighs 518.2 grams took an average of 0.811 seconds to drop, versus the kickball that weighs 423.4 grams that took an average of 0.888 to drop. If the hypothesis was true, then the time it took for the kickball to drop would be 1.22 times greater than the basketballs time. That is because if you look at the mass of the balls and their times it took them to drop, the mass and the time have to be proportional to one another. Looking at the baseball and the wiffleball, the average time it took for the baseball to drop was 0.884 seconds, so that means that the average time it should have taken the wiffleball to drop is 6.94 times greater than of the baseball’s. The baseball is 144.3 grams and the wiffleball is 20.8 grams and their masses should be proportional with the time just like the basketball’s and kickball’s. At the same time, the golf ball is 43.7 grams versus the ping-pong ball that is 2 grams, which means that their time to drop should not be that close. Every experiment has errors. In this experiment the biggest error is human error. The people that recorded the time by using the stopwatch could have started or stopped at different times every time and the response could