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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write brief 250-to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers |
|What were the major developments in the |Major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century include books, |
|evolution of mass media during the 20th |newspapers, magazines, television and cable, Internet, movies, radio, and music. Newspapers, |
|century? |magazines, and books were discovered long before the 20th century; however they continued to |
| |advance with time. Newspapers were and still are printed on a daily basis and contain informative|
| |articles, diverse features, and editorials. In addition, the first radio broadcast was in 1910 |
| |and that was an experimental transmission of a live Opera. Radio continued to grow throughout |
| |time, and began broadcasting news all over the world, sports, and music. Now, there is thousands |
| |of radio stations all over the U.S. Furthermore, television broadcasting began in 1925, when |
| |there was a public demonstration of images in motion. Today, television and radio has evolved |
| |into something beyond what we would ever imagine. In the latter years, Internet came about and |
| |was one of the most popular mass media developments. The internet allows us to message, chat, |
| |email, research, and be a part of social media websites. We can learn so many things not only |
| |from the Internet, but from television, radio, newspapers, etc. This gives us insight into the |
| |world of others and also allows us to participate and be interactive. We also have iPads, |
| |iPhones, and smartphones that enable us to communicate from wherever and whenever. |
|How did each development influence American|The timeline in Media and Culture 8th edition shows how the media advances interact with the |
|culture? |surrounding culture. It also states that culture links individuals to their society by providing |
| |both shared and contested