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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write brief 250-to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers |
|What were the major developments in the |The newspaper was the first thing to be used as mass media. The newspaper was a cheap |
|evolution of mass media during the 20th |inexpensive way to inform the public of the news that have happened in the area and world.|
|century? |Then there was a radio. The radio had news broadcast and entertainment programs. With the |
| |discovery of radio waves, it allowed to transmit information over long distances without |
| |the use of wires. With the radio, people were able to hear the program, but were unable to|
| |see the pictures of the characters or where the story was taking place. Another |
| |invention was the telephone. It might have been invented somewhere in the 1870’s, but |
| |it was not until the 1900’s until it became more available to the public. The amount of |
| |people who had a telephone more than doubled in the numbers who had the television design|
| |was made to be practical. Many families only had a single television in their home. |
| |The television picture was only in black and white at first. Later, the television was |
| |available with colored pictures. The television allowed the audience to see and hear the|
| |programs. The viewer was able to put a face to the name of what the story was about. |
| |They were able to see where the event took place. The things that we are dealing with now |
| |are people using cell phones to access the internet, Television and other sources of media|
| |in the palm of your hand I use Facebook regularly and can access it from the palm of my |
| |hand. I can remember me having a commodore 64 computer that I had to…