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Throughout the term thus far we have examined how an elite class is constituted and operational by considering the work of C. Wright Mills and David Rothkopf. Since the end of World War II this class has changed in various ways, developing into an entirely new and different stratum of socio-economic and political power. Write an essay that explains this transformation in detail. How does this change relate to the growth and reach of major corporations? What roles have technology and mass media played in the extension of this influential echelon? Always keep in mind that it is important to use specific examples from discussions, readings, and screenings to embellish your response.

In C. Wright Mills’ classic essay “The Mass Society” there is a distinction made between the mass and the public. Ben Bagdikian argues along these lines that the constricted ownership of major media is a threat to an informed public and democracy itself. Discuss how patterns of media ownership relate to the potential for an informed public opinion on important matters of the day. Is concentrated media ownership conducive to an aware public? Explain. Has the Internet helped or hindered the new media monopoly? In this regard what roles do alternative news media play in terms of cultivating an informed public discourse? Make sure to use appropriate and ample examples from readings, screenings, and discussions to illustrate your argument.

In the first decade of the new millennium the three most momentous calamities have been 9/11, the US-led Iraq war, and the 2007-08 financial crash. These incidents translated into tremendous human and financial costs for ordinary people. The major news media invariably played large roles in terms of how specific elements of each event were perceived and arguably contributed to their realization. Explain how news media contributed to two of the three aforementioned events in terms of their willingness and capacity to discern, assess, and relate important information to their viewer/listener/readerships. With respect to said events, in your estimation have such media