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VanderWal 1 Daniel VanderWal Mrs. VanderMeulen Senior English 2nd Macro 28 October 2012 Second Supporting Point In addition, society does not understand the danger of an electromagnetic pulse because the media does not inform the public about electromagnetic pulse consequences. 1 With very little coverage about the issues and events involving EMP’s the chance to acquire this information is taken away for many reasons.2 With very little research and information about EMP’s it complicates the media’s opportunities to give its viewers the latest news they may be interested in or need to know.3 With few data and research currently being conducted it limits the media’s ability to gather the appropriate information to make a detailed and extensive report worth creating.4 Not all research is going to be available to the public due to classified information that would potentially put national security at a greater risk.5 Additionally, the media may decide that if the report was to negatively affect their reputation in some way they may decide to not conduct a report on the issue.6 In all the goal of a media group is to produce content the viewer want to see and if that need is not fulfilled then the viewer becomes unsatisfied which in return hurts the media group further preventing them from using that content.7 If the media group’s goal is to provide information that the viewer wants to see this can affect the chances of a report involving an EMP related issue to make its way to the public if it is unwanted or disliked.8 Without proper publication of the issues and events relating to this topic society is limited to what they can acquire and inform themselves about. 9

VanderWal 2 The possible widespread panic as a result of a EMP related news report further limits the media and its ability to project information to the public in a safe and effective way. 1 Numerous problems could arise if society was to panic about their security and danger by the report of a potential threat.2 Those who have no knowledge of an EMP would react the greatest and put significant stress on society.3 “And it seems that the mainstream media avoids talking about it for fear that Americans will panic,” (Krasner).4 Homeland Security would receive a rush of questions and observations to whether or not they are taking the appropriate steps to defend and prepare society along with its delicate infrastructure.5 Higher reliance on Homeland Security would further prove and point to society that the U.S. is not prepared for an EMP attack and that more must be done to prepare the public about this