Mass Media and Media Convergence Essay

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The Convergence of Media
The world today is full of evolving technologies and advances in media, such as the Internet and smart phones. The idea of media convergence is an ever-changing topic and one that seems to have many different directions branching from it. No one really knows what it’s final product will be. Media convergence is the idea of various types of media systems, Internet, television, movies, etc., all coming together in a single media. When I think about how of this topic, I mainly think of my computer. For the most part, other than working at a phone, my computer can synthesize all forms of media I could ever want to use. Television, movies, homework, a writing tool, iPod/music device, prettying much anything I need on a daily basis.
In society now, a lot of different types of media are being brought together onto one device. In business many people have their smart phones are tablets for everything, students in college have laptops that run their media lives. “Media convergence is something that impacts us all down to our every day life and such has become the way of life that society adapts and changes accordingly.” (Scholasticas) This is why newspapers and even broadcast television are slowly becoming none existent with the rise of my generation. Everything we could ever need is right at your fingertips.
I think that in the future we are going to see a growing world of constant advances in technology, media and marketing. Since everything is coming together into singular devices in a majority of people’s lives, constant advances in these areas is the only way companies can stay with the norm and not go under. Companies have to keep with society and change as society changes. “It is a new approach based on a new model for marketing in revolutionary times, something which I call “Movement Marketing“.” (Goodson/ Convergence is The Future). This ever-changing market is transforming the marketplace. Companies need to be on their toes and keep up with social trends and movements in order to continue making money. Companies need to listen to the people and figure out what they want. “The key for marketers who want to ride this wave is that they have to stop talking about themselves and their products, and start listening to what people are talking about and are passionate about.” (Goodson/ Marketing Is Dead). This sort of media convergence is important in marketing because without a flow of money from companies, media agencies would have a hard time paying for things if they didn’t have the advertising. Advertising is also a part of the media convergence. Soon it will be in our lives even more than it is today. Maybe text advertising is the next thing. Who knows?
When it comes to social media, things are always changing. One source of media is popular for a while, but soon it falls behind others that take its place. Facebook would be a good example of that. There are good a bad things about social media, but in terms of media convergence, it is one of the best examples. Life seems to work better when we are all connected and “the more we are connected,